Paribas Day Three


I don't know that Dana ever tires of tennis, but three days for me just about does it. And as stated before, the tennis really hasn't been that interesting the past few days.

We did get to have one new, very cool experience. Our tour gave us a final day ticket in their "luxury box." That meant we got all the snacks and water we wanted, we could come and go whenever and didn't have to wait for the changeovers, and we got to sit in the shade! You cannot imagine how great that can feel after several days of significant broilage in the desert sun. While I think I enjoy watching the matches more from our court side box seats, shade and access definitely have something to recommend them.

The Tsonga match stopped just a few minutes in due to injury, so they moved a doubles match over that included Ryan Harrison, the new hot American singles player. That was the best match we saw in the tournament! So fast, so fun, and honestly, a little uneven in the play. We also enjoyed the crowd; fewer people than I would have expected, but they clearly wanted to see the match. Harrison's team lost the first set, then won the second in a very close tie break, and blew the other team away in the major tie break.

The evening session began with Roger Federer playing against a relatively unknown player. Dana especially wanted to see that match. After all, she mostly goes to these things to stalk Roger. She says he understands. He seemed a little off during much of the match, but enough flashes of brilliance came through that no one ever doubted the outcome.

Dana had little interest in the later matches, so we decided to go back to the resort and have a real, sit-down meal of something other than tennis match/fair food. The Mexican restaurant in the grounds, Adobe Grill, had very good food, quick service from people who seemed to enjoy their job, and loads of atmosphere. I waddled out of the place.

Dana checked out the hot tub outside our room, but after I cautioned her about swimming so soon after a meal, she decided she was too full and too tired to sit in the tub.

Travel day tomorrow. Our flight leaves at 8:30, so we have to leave the resort by 7:00.



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