I was an army brat in Germany even before I can remember, a high school exchange student in Norway, and have travelled all over the world with my wife and children. Blogging our travels and adventures allows me to preserve and share our impressions as we experience new parts of the world.

My interest in flower and vegetable gardening began in my grandmother’s backyard in northwest Oklahoma. If you can grow plants there, you can grow them anywhere. I have continued to learn formally with the Master Gardening program in Oklahoma County, and informally with trial and error in my own gardens and through purchases of many beautiful gardening books.

Which feeds in to my other interest of photography.  I have taken pictures with about every format available, starting with my father’s old Kodak Retina. I will post a range of photos here: portraits, nature, kids, and sports.

Enjoy exploring and enjoying these interests with me. I might even throw in some philosophy along the way!