Anniversary Day

Champs Elyse

We spent our last day mostly shopping. Dana went after purses with a vengeance. She found a bag and some luggage. On the way back I found a scarf that I really liked for me. I didn't know Brioni made anything like that. It a nice, loose linen.

We had a wonderful lunch in what seemed to be a French business lunch place. The food here is always so pretty satisfying. Then we shot across town to the  chocolatier in Paris. They had a huge gorilla in their window made entirely of chocolate and their show was really nice. We bought a ton of fine chocolate there.

Dinner for our anniversary (36) was across Paris at a restaurant Dana learned about from an American chef living and blogging in Paris. They served meals that consist of three courses plus dessert, in a restaurant that this guy said he would not change at all.

We had a nice conversation with a couple next to us who spoke no English, but the gentleman was kind enough to speak to me like I was impaired which made it much easier to understand. HIs wife cooked at another restaurant down the street that he claimed served the best breakfast in town. Sadly, we were leaving the next day and couldn't come back and try it. 

Big Cedar Lodge

Cooking School