New York Trip

Dana had a meeting, so that left me with time to walk around in the city. I spent an hour in Washington Park. What an amazing gathering point for all kinds of people!


Easter this year was the most successful ever. The club has things figured out. For maybe 250 kids they put out some 6000 eggs. The kids were bored from picking them up before they were gone. Everyone had a great time and no one cried! The weather was perfect as well. Best Easter ever!

New Orleans

It’s snowing at home, but New Orleans is absolutely gorgeous for a day in February. While Dana spent her time in meetings, I’m got to play around in the city and particularly on Royal in the French Quarter.

U.S. Open in NYC!

The two weeks around Labor Day mean U.S. Open tennis in New York, always a big and fun deal. After Dana endured to my almost whining about our horrible, extremely high-up seats last year (halfway up the highest tier, miles from the action), this year she sprang for nicer seats in a suite.

Wimbledon 2014

Wimbledon! We made it to the most famous of the Grand Slam tournaments. I think this one might be my favorite. We also got to tour some new parts of London.