Cape Cod Monday

Bikes on the roof

The word for the day is "rain." It rained when we got up. it rained during breakfast. And it rained almost the whole time we rode. This morning we had the option to ride up to fifty miles or we could could easily stop at around twenty five. We started the day with a steady mist that moved into a soaking light rain. We also dealt with a fairly steady wind and temperatures that hovered around 50°.

The ride was wonderful, most of it on an extensive trail system where we didn't have to worry about traffic and the trees blocked the wind. The grade was a very gentle up and down and pretty low stress. We had planned to have a picnic for lunch, but the guides pushed that off until another day. The restaurant we had planned to eat at was closed, so we ended up at a Pizza Barn instead. Once we had sat inside for a bit, it seemed just too difficult to go back out into the cold and the rain, so we called it a day. On the way back to the inn, we did stop at the local chocolate joint for some hot chocolate.

Tomorrow we head for Martha's Vineyard. Fingers crossed, but the forecast looks very much like today. The good news is that the high is supposed to be 54°. Pretty exciting.

It was wet enough I didn't take many pictures. I just threw a few in to keep things interesting.

Martha's Vineyard Tuesday

Cape Cod Sunday