Arlington Cemetery


Dana needed to travel to DC for her annual legislative conference with ACOG, so I took the opportunity to work for a few days in Herndon, then took Friday off  just to have fun.

Friday morning I had a lovely breakfast at my own pace and with the sausages I love in this part of the country. Since Dana was staying at the Ritz, breakfast was lovely. This is the same hotel that we stayed in last year when we brought Sarah Blakely along with us. Sarah would have loved the trip this year. The weather was warmer, the skies clearer, and the train rides less crowded.

I started out my day at Arlington Cemetery. Despite riding the train past the Arlington stop fairly often, I have never visited the cemetery before. It is a lovely, peaceful place, beautifully kept up. The signs call it our nations most important shrine.

Just a moment of editorial content: That cemetery is enormous. I have no idea how many are buried there, but the headstones just go on and on.

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