Other Photos

For those photos I just didn't feel like putting in a blog post.


China 2010

We took an adventure tour to China with the Campbells. We had a group with four Aussies, two Canadians, several Englishmen and Americans. 

We hiked on the Great Wall, road bikes through Beijing, and hiked through the mountains. We also experienced air and train travel in China.


Natural Eye

I picked a weekend to visit New York when I could take a photo class called The Natural Eye led by Eddie Soloway. We did our assignment photos in Central Park.

We ended the class a little early. Hurricane Sandy came in that weekend and the city was closing down. 



Sarah's brother, Peter, got married in Brazil and we went, too! It was Dana's first time back to Brazil since her exchange trip in 1974. 

We had.a great time. The wedding was a huge party and we spent lots of time with Eva. We also visited Dana's host family in Sao Paulo.

 Rue de Buci

Paris and the French Open

We visited Paris to see the French Open for the first time. We built in several days to see Paris.

We had a great time. We saw all the tennis and the museums. We also ate in some wonderful restaurants. The weather was pretty rainy but only for one day of tennis. At least it was dry in the museums.


Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard

The next trip with the Campbells. They came to do a bike tour with us on Cape Cod and then head to Philadelphia for Sean and Sarah's wedding.

Biking on Martha's Vineyard was one of the best places we have ever ridden. We had more rain than would have been nice, but the good days were perfect.